Conversations with my father

An art distribution experiment on Tezos network that attempts to redirect focus to art.


My father’s name is Francisco. He learned a meditation technique that he has been practicing every day for the last 40 years. By his continuous practice of self-knowledge and appreciation of life he has obtained a perspective of things that it’s uncanny these days. He is always aware of how simple life is, he finds beauty in almost everything and is amazed by things that most of us take for granted like thunders and ants.

Having a conversation with him always deflects to the simple facts of life.

This series will document some day of those small conversations. Although, I have a license to creativity and imagination, so I don’t guarantee the accuracy of all the conversations.

Free distribution

This series will be released on, a Tezos-based art marketplace. All the pieces will be free on primary, distributed to wallets that participated in my call to receive free art.

Secondary sales will be destined entirely to a project called “The Global South Initiative” and those potential funds will be used to collect art within the Tezos ecosystem.

The Global South Art Initiative

This is a project that I’ve been thinking about for months, and it’s still in very early steps, so very few things can be told about what it is. For now, I can say that one of the goals of this initiative is to help enhance the reach of artists from the global south.

Conversations with my father will be dropped as a collaboration with the project (even though at this point both cajabeats and The Global South Art Initiative are basically the same person), as a way to experiment a mechanism of art distribution for a cause.

The project’s wallet is included as a collaborator in Objkt’s contract and is the receiver of the royalties for secondary sales, which are set to 25%.

I hold an edition of this collection, what do you expect me to do?

Do as you please. Enjoy the art if you can, trade it if you want, give it away, it’s up to you. Just keep in mind that if you sell it, 25% will be destined to support artists in the Tezos ecosystem. This doesn’t mean I’m encouraging you to sell, but it would be a nice experiment, maybe sell the one you hold to buy a different one you resonate more with would be a cool way to contribute, or maybe just buy another one you think pairs good with the one you hold.

The goal is to enjoy art as the primary focus. I’m open to ideas, contributions or feedback about this initiative, so feel free to reach out!