My art is an act of love

Farid Colmenarez (b. 1988) is a software developer, musician and visual artist based in Venezuela. He’s been releasing art as NFTs since 2021.

His works are made using image manipulation software, acrylic paintings, scanning and sometimes AI outputs combined to create abstract compositions with glitch aesthetics.

Often times his work subtlety evoke sunsets, dusk, the ocean, and landscapes in general.

“When I was little, my father wanted me to be an athlete, so he signed me up for every sport he could think of. I failed in all of them.

Until I found art, I thought I’d fail at everything.

Art these days (for me) is a way to process emotions that I usually don’t even know are there at the moment of creation. I create as a habit, every day, and at the moment of publishing I take the time to understand where did the creation come from, what I might be feeling at the time, how does it resonate with what I’m feeling now, what is it from all the things I have to say, that I wanted to say with this composition.

I like exploring materials, scanning all sorts of surfaces such as fabrics, plastics, papers and even stickers, everything is something you can create a new sense of beauty of.

Art is always a success”.

The Taste (2023)
A door inwards (2023)
Beauty is a human right (2023)
The Sight (2023)
The Smell (2023)
Mondays (2022)